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Dress Up Your Head

Stunning, skin-friendly turbans. Comfortable and stylish everyday wear.

Modern crown of beauty

Clean lines lend magical elegance.

Refresh your soul and face

Thanks to the soft and breathable bamboo, your skin and hair stay fresh all day.

All our turbans are made exclusively from quality materials, which are light and breathable.

Made of light and breathable bamboo

Handmade domestic product

It is pleasant to the skin and protects the hair

Made of skin-friendly material

Easy to clean

Ideal for all-day wear

Comfortable everyday wear

Handmade, unique, skin-friendly turbans

The turban made of bamboo ensures comfortable wear even throughout the day.

Thanks to the carefully chosen materials, your skin and hair will stay fresh under the turban and will be protected from harmful environmental effects.

Make it part of your wardrobe

Stylish and versatile

Many styles and color options ensure that you will find the ideal turban for every occasion. If you want a really special look, it is also a perfect choice for casual or casual wear.

Latest universal collection

All our turbans are made exclusively from high-quality materials that are light, breathable, and conduct moisture well, making them ideal for all-day wear. Due to the insulating properties of bamboo, it protects the heat center much better than an average hat in the summer. And when the cool weather arrives, it warms you pleasantly.

Comfortable to wear

Your scalp and hair stay fresh all day

Flexible material

Easily adjusts to all head sizes


You will find the right color and style for every occasion

Easy to clean

You can gently refresh your turban with a light hand rinse

Environmentally friendly

It is made of bamboo and recycled polyester

Local production

Does not require delivery. This reduces the environmental impact

Decorative box

The turbans come in a unique gift box.

Protects and nurtures

It keeps your skin and hair fresh and protects it from dirt

Rose's Turban

The brand that is based on my own story

Allow me to introduce you to Rose's Turban - an inspiring and unique brand that I personally created to help other women exude confidence and feel amazing every day.

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